Our Chocolates


Our repertoire of ganache flavors includes (but is not limited to): fruit ganaches like strawberry, blueberry, passion fruit, etc.; alcoholic ganaches like port, rum,  and barrel-aged stouts; nut ganaches like peanut butter and pistachio; and miscellaneous ganaches like vanilla, pumpkin spice, coffee, etc.

Lemon truffles
Peppermint brownie bites in dark chocolate

Brownie Bites

Our brownie bites are dark and luscious and are available with or without nuts. We coat them in the finest Belgian dark chocolate. Brownie bites are also available in peppermint, topped with crushed peppermint pieces.

Sea Salt Caramels

Our sea salt caramels come in a variety of flavors and are enormously popular. We coat them in delicious Belgian dark chocolate and usually top them with sea salt. Flavors include (but are not limited to): vanilla bean, coffee, spicy, Earl Grey, apple cider, Matcha, etc. Pecan tortoises also available.

Spicy sea salt caramels in dark chocolate
Dark chocolate nut clusters

Nut Barks / Clusters

Our nut barks are available with a variety of nuts, in varying darknesses of Belgian chocolate. Nut options include (but are not limited to): peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios. Barks are sold by the pound and clusters are sold by the piece.

Fruit Jellies

One of our newer offerings is the fruit jelly, either coated in sugar, or covered in dark Belgian chocolate. Flavors include (but are not limited to): orange, cranberry/orange, strawberry, strawberry/rhubarb, and passion fruit.

Cranberry orange fruit jelly pate de fruit
Vanilla bean marshmallow in dark chocolate


Our house-made marshmallows are coated in dark Belgian chocolate and come in a variety of flavors including (but not limited to): vanilla bean, peppermint, and peanut butter.


We sometimes combine two of our offerings into one chocolate. For example: a layer of caramel topped with a brownie bite, a layer of caramel topped with a house-made marshmallow, a brownie bite with a peanut butter creme layer in the middle. The options are limited only by our collective imagination!

Coffee caramel brownie bites in dark chocolate
Peanut brittle and peppermint bark

The Rest

We will try to make just about anything! We make nut brittles, we make peppermint bark…if you can think it, we can probably make it!


One thing that sets Iris Delights apart from the average chocolatier is your ability to customize the look and taste of your chocolates.


Want to match the color of your chocolates to the colors of your logo / wedding / school team / beer label / etc? We can work with you to get the look you want.


We pride ourselves on our ability to create just about any chocolate flavor people can think of, and we love to try! It’s important to us that the flavor we promise is the flavor you get when you bite into one of our chocolates.


We have a selection of shapes available for your custom chocolates. If we don’t have what you need on hand, we will do our best to get it for you.


Susan Griffin
Hannah’s House
Executive Director

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Iris and her amazing, beautiful, and delicious chocolates over the past couple of years. I initially got in contact with her about helping with a coffee and chocolate pairing at a nonprofit organization fundraiser. She is incredible and so is her product! I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it has been to enjoy, in both my personal life and my professional life, the gorgeous and delectable results of her love, care and creativity! I can definitely say that my life is a whole lot better since I met Iris! I highly recommend Iris Delights for any occasion.

Leslie Whynot
Long-time Customer

I am obsessed with these handcrafted chocolates! The finest ingredients combined with artistic flair and incredibly delicious flavor pairings make tasting an Iris Delight a true delight! I am a customer for life!

Zane Mumford
Negociant Winery

It’s rare you find a small business owner with Iris’s open mind and commitment to her craft.  As the owner of a small urban winery, I believe heavily in creating a superb craft product. I wanted to bring in chocolates that not only perfectly paired with my wines, but also had the same level of care that I put into my own products.  I’m so thrilled I worked with Iris! She brought vigor and creativity to our partnership, carefully analyzing the flavor profiles of our wines and selecting just the right ingredients for her chocolates to bring out the best in both. Her attention to detail and passion for what she does ensured that my customers were always thrilled with the result.  Thank you Iris!

Rick Moreno
Newtopia Cyders

Iris Delights has been mesmerizing our gluten-free Cyder patrons at Newtopia with her robust blends of chocolate savory and spicy!  I would recommend any establishment to partner with her to create wonderful magical chocolate goods she concocts!

Lindsay Langton
Bottle Logic Brewing
Lord Commander

Iris is wonderful to work with — she’s innovative and adventurous in developing flavor pairings and easily tackles the GIANT orders with perfect packaging and punctuality

Chef Mike
Caterer in San Diego

I happened to find out about Iris Delights while tasting beers and started buying them for personal consumption. The quality, freshness, and flavor of her chocolates were so good and consistent that I started to use them in my catering business. My clients love the flavors and I love the ease of ordering and prompt personal service.

Jennifer McIsaac
Holistic Health Practioner
Long-time Customer

Iris’s Delights are not just chocolates, but an amazing sensory experience. You can taste the quality of the ingredients right away. The chocolate is firm and never gritty. The fillings taste like real food, not just flavored sugar. I love to pair them with my favorite wines and beer, and they are always a hit at parties. Her chocolates are not about satisfying a sugar craving, they satisfy a soul craving.

Julie Scrivener
The Best Wedding For You

Iris did a beautiful job with customized chocolates that I ordered as client gifts. She helped me customize my flavors and guided me through the ordering process. The chocolates were ready as promised and they were gorgeous. The colors were amazing! All the recipients remarked how beautiful the chocolates looked as I delivered them. And they of course followed up to say how yummy they were! I would absolutely recommend (and always do!) Iris Delights to anyone looking for delicious customized chocolates.

Sean Kenny
Satisfied Customer

Iris worked on a custom order for me and my girlfriend, and we are honestly beyond amazed. I came up with a list of crazy ideas hoping that at least 1 or 2 would be doable. Well, after she made trial batches and we bounced some ideas off each other, she basically made them all come to life for me. She took the time to execute to perfection and the chocolates were a true hit. Shipping was fast and the chocolates were packaged well. She even threw in a few samples for us to try. Long story short if you haven’t tried her chocolate magic you are truly missing out. We will be back to order more!

Jarrah Foster

Iris’s Delights were the perfect added touch to my wedding. My guests commented on how exquisite the flavors were, and how beautiful the chocolates looked. Iris worked with me to get the perfect colors to match my color template also. I expected to have a few chocolates left over, but it was hard to track them down–they were that much of a hit! Iris is passionate and gifted about chocolate making and you can certainly tell–she creates the most unique and delicious flavor combinations that make it difficult to share 🙂

Edward Bahret
Long-time Customer

I’ve been a regular customer for a couple years now, since before the company was official named. Awesome chocolates, with a wide variety of solids, nut, caramel, and ganache fillings set the stage for great gifts or for your personal chocoholic indulgences. You can design your own as well. High recommendations go to the ganache fillings that are infused with liquor. Not for it simply being liquor but because the type/quality of liquor used is so very well pared with the chocolate that they are without question recipes that will assuredly bring you back every time they are offered. Try them. Iris Delights will Delight!